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Phase Holographic share issue

AroCell and Phase Holographic in summer-rally


During summer both AroCell and Phase Holographic have risen. Insiders have bought shares in both companies lately (see my blog post on Insider Buying), but apart from that, no press releases or reports have occurred and presumably business have been quiet for the summer. But the share prices have gone up – 32%  and 55 % respectively. Continue reading

Share price triggers

List of price triggers


List of price triggers

Owners of growth shares often check their mobiles for press releases. Press releases often act as substantial share prise trigger – upwards or downwards.

Readers of my blog know the impact on the CybAero share price a press releases had a few days ago. A private placement that did not go through and later the announcement of a share issue with preferential rights made the share price fall like a rock. If you missed it, read the blogpost on CybAero.

On the other hand, the share price rally of BrainCool in May happened in the same period as four press releases came out. In a few days, the share price went from 5 SEK to almost 14.

In more mature companies, I tend to read the Q- and H-reports in search for indications of share price movements, but in growth companies the reports are often less important that the releases between the reports. The real drivers are the milestone reached and made public via the press releases.

“Of this reason, I have for some years kept track of the different (short-term) price triggers associated with the shares I hold.”

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G5 Entertainment

G5 report caught between growth and profit


G5 report came out today

Today, July 24 the G5 Entertainment half-year report came out. For some probably a disappointment and for others business as usual: high growth – and every penny earned spent on further growth, leaving only a meagre net result.

The dilemma of G5 Entertainment is typical for growth companies at a certain point in their development: The trade-of between making money and investing in further growth. Continue reading

Cybaero share issue - share price

CybAero share issue


The CybAero share have been in loosing value the past year. More than two thirds of the value from last summer. On July 2 2014, it closed at 42.5 SEK and in this week the price is app 13.5-14 SEK.

CybAero is manufacture of drone helicopters or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The share in listed on First North Stockholm. On June 12, the company announced the intention to change to the Nasdaq main list next year.

From mid-April until June 22 the share price stabilized round 20 SEK. Then a private placement announced after the closing hour of Nasdaq on June 22, a prolonging of the process on June 23, and finally a cancellation of the process made the share fall like a rock (- 28 %) that week.

A press release following the delivery of the first helicopters to AVIC, CybAero’s large Chinese costumer, gave the share a short pause, but it fell back as the company announced a mayor share issue. The intention is to raise the 65 MSEK missed in the cancelled private placement, hence the CybAero share issue.

Yesterday an extraordinary shares holders meeting took place in Linköbing at the company headquarters. Continue reading

Insider buying shares

Insider buying and selling of shares


This summer, a number of insiders have bought shares in the companies, I cover on this blog. No insiders have sold shares.

There are different rules of insider-information if the share in listed on Nasdaq Stockholm or at the alternative markets. If listed on the main list, insider buying or selling can be found at the web-page of the Swedish financial inspection (Finansinspektionen). The information is also available on the company web-pages.

If listed on Firth North, companies are required to have both a list of insider buying and a list of total number of shares held by insiders on the web-page.

The information for the shares listed on Aktietorget, can be found at Aktietorget. Both transactions and total number of shares and warrants are public.

In Swedish, an insider is called ‘insynsperson’; i.e. a person with insight. And the trading ‘insynshandel’; trading with insight. Quite brilliant, I think, and very precise, as the term ‘insider’ often associates with illegal insider trading. Continue reading


Dignitana shares – FDA approval in sight


The Dignitana share was listed in 2011 and, now in 2015, the commercial breakthrough is in sight. To gain access to the huge American market, one final milestone is still to pass; namely the approval by FDA.

In short, Dignitana produces a cooling cap system, Dignicap that cools down the scalp. The cooling prevents loss of hair during chemo treatment for breast cancer.

The cooling technology of Dignitana has attracted much attention especially among cancer patients. The clinical evidence handed in as part of the application for FDA approval, tells its own story: 70 % of the test-patients had no or just limited hair loss using the Dignicap, while all patients in the control group experienced loss of hair due to the chemo treatment. This un-wanted side effect of the chemo treatment have a large psychological effect on patients.

As an investor, I was relieved that both the clinical evidence is clear and that FDA even contacted Dignitana for a shortening of the approval procedure, since the treatment poses no danger for the patients. Continue reading

Heliospectra lx601

Heliospectra – update on order from Las Vegas, Nevada


Two days ago, I posted a blogpost regarding the lack of orders for the Heliospectra LED-light system. Many press releases on excellent research results, cooperation with universities etc. have been send out – but there has been a fundamental lack of firm sales orders.

In half a week, this has all changed: Tuesday Heliospectra announced a completed renewal of the lighting system at Pinkhouse Bloom, Colorado and today a lengthy press release announces yet another large order in the US cannabis industry. Continue reading


Heliospectra – under tidspres


Siden Heliospectra blev noteret på First North sidste sommer, har aktien haft op- og nedture – kurstop på 37,5 og bund ved 7,75. Siden april har aktien ligge stabilt mellem kurs 9 og 10. Og det er faktisk et rigtigt skidt sted.

Heliospectra har nemlig mange optioner ude med deadline i september i år. Købs-kursen på disse er 10, så det er ved at være tid at skulle levere resultater, der kan få kursen til at stige. Vælger ejerne ikke at bruge optionerne, mangler der 14 MSEK.

Men der kan være lys for enden af tunellen nu! En PM i dag, den 14/7, peger på at et afgørende markedsgennembrud måske er rykket tættere på. Continue reading



Der er altid risiko for at tabe penge, når man investerer. Og fra tid til anden taber man penge, uanset hvad – kunsten er derfor dels at have en investeringsstrategi, der holder risikoen nede, og dels at gøre det rigtige i situationen, hvis tabet opstår.

I mit tilfælde er investeringsstrategien at købe en lille position og skalere denne op hvis aktien stiger. Jeg kalder den bjergetapen. Du kan læse mere i mit indlæg om ’Kurser og investeringsstrategi’. Normalt arbejder jeg ikke med stop-loss på mine små positioner, men jeg vurderer løbende, om jeg stadig tror på investeringen.

I dette indlæg vil jeg fortælle om to af mine investeringsfiaskoer – én fra 2014 og én fra i år.

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