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CybAero Share Issue

CybAero share issue – part 2


In July, I wrote a post on the upcoming share issue of CybAero. The issue was to take place between August 19 and September 2. Current shareholders have preferential rights to buy new shares, and two ‘old’ shares gives the right to one new. The total number of shares will rise from app. 18.5 million to 27.75 million.

Since the announcement of the share issue, the end-date has been moved from September 2 to September 11 due to an administrative error. An extra or revised prospect is be issued in the beginning of next week. Further more the H1-report came out this week. Continue reading

Two reports in a nasty week


This week was nasty! With a few exceptions, a general fall in share prices has painted most indexes red. In weeks like this, the risk involved with investment in growth shares show its true face: when large or mid-cap shares loses 5-6 %, growth shares often drops 10-15%. The SPI (covering all NASDAQ shares in Stockholm) went down 6.09 % this week – while shares like Heliospectra lost 9.2%, BrainCool lost 12.4%, and IVISYS lost 15.8%.

Two of the shares in my portfolio came out with reports: Nexam Chemical and Fortnox. Therefore, my primary intention in this post is to take a closer look at the reports – and not to whine over some losses more that covered by the steep rises in share price over the summer. Continue reading

Fortnox report

Fortnox – do I have the patience?


Fortnox along with G5 entertainment are the most mature companies in my portfolio of growth shares. Both have made the transformation from a stage where ‘burn-rate’ is the key word, to healthy companies with positive margins. As the only share in my growth share portfolio, Fortnox pays out a dividend. In 2014 it was 1.1 % – 0.12 SEK per share.

The Q2 report will arrive on Wednesday, and I still try to figure out if my position in Fortnox is a successful investment. Continue reading


Recyctec B – New share in portfolio


For some time I have kept an eye on Recyctec. And now is the moment to buy, my intuition tells me, so this week have bought a position in Recyctec.

Recyctec Holding AB is a clean-tech company with a unique process to clean used glycol. We use glycol in cooling systems in cars, in solar panels, and for de-icing airplanes – just to give a few examples. Continue reading

Manipulating share prices

Bloggers manipulating share prices


On Thursday last week (August 6), a news story came out in Dagens Industri of two medical students, accused by the eco-police, of manipulating share prices via blog-posts and discussion groups. These two students, in their twenties, allegedly is guilty of market manipulation. They should have bought shares, written positive postings, and then sold the shares as the price went up. The police claim that they have made app. 2.5 MSEK from 2014 an on trading in 14 different (small) medical companies.

On Friday, there was a follow-up, using a quote from the vice-director of Aktietorget as headline: ‘Bloggar ett problem’ – blogs are a problem. His point is that in minor shares, bloggers have power to influence the share price.

To me, this is not at problem of blogs – but of numbers of blogs! Continue reading

Share price change 2015

Share price change 2015


A few days ago, I wrote on the summer rally of AroCell and Phase Holographic. If you missed the post find it here. But not just these two shares have had a splendid summer – more than half – 6 – of my 11 Swedish growth shares has gone up more than 25 % in July: AroCell, BrainCool, Dignitana, Heliospectra, Nexam Chemical, and Phase Holographic.

In comparison, the broad Stockholm index, OMXSPI, went down 4.7 % in July. Continue reading


BrainCool – shares for keeping!


I hold firmly on to my BrainCool shares! Originally, BrainCool was the result of a division of Dignitana. One day in the beginning of 2014, I therefor had a brand-new share in my share account. And what a gift!

Since then, I have bought more shares on several occasions both at the IPO (in April 2014) and later on. The IPO share price were 2.50 SEK – and today 15 months later, the share price just passed 14 SEK. Continue reading