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PExA 2.0



From time to time, I receive memoranda and teasers on IPOs and share issues from Sedermera, Redeye, Aktieinvest FK or others. The latest is the IPO of PExA – and I am not sure know how to pronounce it, but I can spell it, and the name is a shortening of ‘Particles in Exhaled Air’. Which is in short the whole idea behind the company. Continue reading

Short news

Portfolio – short news


The past two-three weeks have been quiet in respect of news from the companies in my portfolio, after the swarm of reports in August and start-September the stream of news have dried out. Apart from the share issue in CybAero no substantial ‘trigger news’ has been communicated. Here are a few words on the current development in some of the companies. Continue reading

Cybaero share issue

CybAero share issue completed


Readers of my blog will know I have posted a few blogs on the Cybaero share issue during summer. Wednesday the company announced that the share issue was completed – and oversubscribed. The current shareowners wanted to buy 97% of the shares (app. 9 million shares), and furthermore; investors wanted additional 8 million shares, resulting in a 182 % oversubscription. Continue reading

Surprises on Monday

Surprise on Monday


Most people love surprises…if they are positive. Three surprises – and good ones, too – came into my mobile phone today: At 8.18 came the Q2-report from Phase Holographic, at 10.35 Nexam Chemical announced a strategic partnership and finally at 18.32 CybAero announced that the CEO, the board and the management-group and have used all their warrants in the upcoming shares issue. Good new! Continue reading


Recyctec – the newcomer in my portfolio


A month ago, I added Recyctec to my portfolio. Recyctec is a green-tech company with a unique purification process for used glycol. Chek out the post on Recyctec. My reason for taking a position in Recyctec then, was my anticipation that sales were rising, and that the Q2-report on August 28 would bring an indication that Recyctec was on the right track. I bought at a price around 24.5 SEK.

Since mid-August, the share has dropped twenty-some percent to a level below 20 SEK (19.8 SEK on Friday, September 4.). It annoys me deeply! Continue reading

Share price change August

Portfolio development August


When I as a young man read the poet T.S. Eliot, I learned that April is the cruellest month… ‘April is the cruellest month’ – the opening line of his famous poem The Wasteland. But when it comes to 2015, August has been the cruellest month – yet. Not even the debate on Greek membership of the Euro during summer caused the shares prices to fall as much.

In July, my portfolio out-performed the broad Stockholm Index (OMXSPI) by a good margin. (Find it here). August was the opposite! Continue reading