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BrainCool – two companies in 2016?


BrainCool is a very innovative company. As I have written in my earlier posts on the company, it seems to have hit a golden ore in medical cooling. Today the company are active in the field of cardiac arrest, stroke and oral mucositis. Cooling concussions in sport (at first ice hockey), the company added to this list on December 10th.

This week BrainCool then announced that it had started a subsidiary for sports medicine and plans to either licence/sell it or give to the shareholders of BrainCool in a free issue. Find the press release here (in Swedish only).

In Sweden, a free issue where a subsidiary is distributed to the shareholder is a lex ASEA distribution (lex ASEA-utdelning) and are tax-free for the investors. It bears its name of a company currently being part of the Swedish-Swiss ABB. Continue reading

Short News

Short News week 51


I will begin this Short News by saying, that I am that this weekend the COP meeting in Paris ended with an agreement reducing the global warming. Investors in wind turbines, solar panels and other climate friendly technologies will have a significant driver in the coming years, as middle classes in India, China and Africa demands more goods and at the same time try to avoid the negative effects of climate change.

A number of companies in my portfolio do business in green tech: Recyctec, Photocat and to some extent Heliospectra. The most obvious winner, I imagine could be Photocat by combining their self-cleaner for windows, Shine ON, with the rapidly growing market for solar panels, reducing the loss of solar energy caused by dirt on the panels. Probably this is a path already under exploration.

This week I focus on three companies in my Short News: IVISYS, BrainCool and Photocat … in said order. Continue reading


Dignitana – FDA-approval at last


FDA-approval at last! This week Dignitana investors got an early Christmas present: The FDA-approval of DigniCap. FDA-approval (the US Food and Drug Administration), opens the huge American market for Dignitana. The effect on the share price was immediate. When markets closed, the share was up 25 % from 16 to 20.1 SEK. During the day, it went as high as + 40 %. This approval was the most important trigger in Dignitana. Continue reading

I might need the services of Sherlock Holmes

I might need the services of Sherlock Holmes


I might need the services of Sherlock Holmes, and I guess that Dr. Watson would record this peculiar case as: The mystery of the vanished Shares. Some of my shares seems simply to have vanish into thin air.

The shares in question are Photocat shares. As readers of this blog knows, I participated in the IPO of Photocat in October. The share is at First North Stockholm, and trading began more than two weeks ago on Friday November 20th. Unfortunately, and this is why I might need to acquire the services of Mr. Holmes, the shares are not yet in my possession after more than two weeks. Continue reading