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Short news

April short news


Well, so far April has been a busy month. I have sold my house and will move closer to Copenhagen, so for the moment I have devoted a lot my time to cardboard box packing. Nevertheless, a number of significant events have occurred in relation to my portfolio. Hence this post with short news on different companies. First, I have sold my Photocat shares. Next, the shares issue in Phase Holographic is complete – while A1M Pharma announced that they wanted an issue, too. Then it seems troublesome for IVISYS to attract money from their warrants. Norwegian Visma have prolonged the acceptance period for their offer on Fortnox shares. Finally, Dignitana have reported a number of hospitals and clinics using their cooling cap – without much effect on the share price. Continue reading

Portfolio performance March 2016

Portfolio performance March


March have been a month of extremes in the portfolio. Overall, the portfolio performance is up by 5% on average, but in one end, Fortnox went up 45% and Nexam 40 %, while on the other hand Dignitana went down 13.5 % and G5 Entertainment 11%. In all, the portfolio has not yet recovered from the onslaught in January and February and is still down 15 %, while the broad OMX-SPI is down 4.3 %. Continue reading