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Homo Nervousus – a sub-species of Homo Sapiens?


It is an (almost) known fact that investors are nervous people of the species Homo Nervousus. This specises hates uncertainty most of all. When uncertainty is up, they flee and shares are down. Since we cannot predict the result of the British referendum next week, as we could not last summer predict the actions of the Greek minister of finance or the outcome of their sudden referendum in July, it influences the markets. Uncertainty is up and shares are down. Continue reading


Recyctec almost there


The past months, Recyctec have delivered a steady stream of news, some financial some on business development. On several occasions, I have mentioned Recyctec, and I thought it to be the right time, here halfway through 2016, to sum up the development of the company. It is no secret that I see the present share price far from a fair valuation of the company. On the other hand, it is true that the delays during last autumn did put strings on the company. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Almost successful issues


The past two post I have focused on issues and IPO. This again will be the topic but from a different angel since A1M Pharma completed their issue this week and BrainCool announced a very peculiar form of private placement. Some issues are at best almost successful issues, which A1M Pharma is an example of. And of course there is the farce of the week: the postponed listing of That wasn’t even ‘almost successful’ but straight out unsuccessful and made the laugh of the month. Continue reading

Effect of issues and IPOs

Effect of issues and IPOs on share prices


The past months we have seen a huge number of issues and IPOs. As I wrote a week ago, the number is high and almost every day I get offers to participate in IPOs or ongoing issues. Today’s offer was Kontigo Care offering me a chance to invest in treatment of alcoholism – which I will pass. Nevertheless I cannot help wonder if the high number of issues and IPOs affect the share prices of start-ups and small growth companies. Personally, I think it does – negatively – and in this post, I will try to argue why. Unfortunately, I am not a university professor with at computer full of statistics so I cannot back my thoughts with hard evidence, but let me try to persuade you, anyway. Continue reading

Exit G5

Portfolio news – exit G5


It is August heat in Scandinavia and temperatures above 25 degrees. Perfect weather for sitting on the terrace an read the news on successful small companies – if it wasn’t impossible to read anything on a screen because of the reflecting light. Anyway here are some news. Most important I have sold G5 Entertainment. BrainCool seems back on growth-track, and it seems Dignitana is steering towards an oversubscribed issue ending June 10th. A1M Pharma? The subscription period ended yesterday and we still wait for the result. Continue reading