Monthly Archives: July 2016


The report season is on


And the first to arrive was the half year report from Recyctec. Indications of a terrible report came as a ‘status update’ came out the day before the actual report. The bad news was hidden behind some good. The main point was a postponement of breakeven to fourth quarter 2016. Cause? A piece of equipment with copper, causing a miscolouring of the products. The pieces is replaced, but before the end of August, the production will still be low.

The effect of the production problems was almost no turnover in Q2 – symbolic 1,650 SEK. The no-turnover in Q2 and half of Q3 puts heavy pressure on cash and to compensate that the company announced an private placement of 10 MSEK – the third private placement this year.

To make it short: The share dropped from 8.05 on Wednesday to 6.40 on Friday – down 20.5 %. Continue reading

Portfolio performance – first half 2016


Well, the portfolio performance the past six months have been depressing and the overall performance is rather poor. On the other hand, it seems that at least for a few of the companies early summer has been a turning point.

In overall, the average share price in the portfolio is down 23 % during the first six months of 2016. In Q2, the average is minus 14.7 %. In comparison, the SPI-index (all Nasdaq-shares in Sweden) is down 4.3 % in 2016 and down 1.3 % in Q2. Compared to the performance of the portfolio in 2015, where the full-year result was +78.6%, 2016 seem dull and depressing. Check the December update for details. Continue reading