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dissapointing turnover i August

I looked for turnover – and found probable issues


The past week Dignitana, BrainCool, Heliospectra and CybAero have issued their half year reports. All four companies have products, on-going sales and are aiming to penetrate their markets. BrainCool have made their first turnover in Q2. For an investor the development of sales, both in terms of turnover and growth are the focal point. To make it short: I’m a bit disappointed.

Furthermore, in 2016 8 out of 11 companies in my portfolio have made issues, and after the reports we will probably see 2 more in the next couple of months. Continue reading

Fortnox report

Reports in August


August is the season for H1-reports. For most companies in my portfolio the reports are no-news-events. The most interesting events are mainly non-financial. Companies always communicate these in press releases whenever they occur.

Often the impact of reports on share prices are marginal. Personally, my focus is on how the company describes its development. Consequently, I spend little time on numbers and most on words. Of course, turnover moves into focus as the company progresses and their market penetration starts. Later on, margins and profits moves into focus. Continue reading