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Last week I announced, I would take a closer look at some companies a reader, Kenneth, had invested in. In this post I’ll take a closer look at Idogen, listed on Aktietorget. The Idogen share has more than doubled the past three months (+ 61% in 2016) and had significant momentum between Mid-June and the first week of August. The momentum seems to have vanished, though. The past month the share has hovered around 12 SEK. My conclusion is that Idogen is a high risk investment and that the present price is a better exit-price than entry-price. Continue reading

BrainCool issue

Trigger at work – Recyctec and BrainCool up


The thing for the investor about growth shares or start-ups are news to trigger higher share prices. Milestones or accomplishments triggering a steep rise in share price is what we long for. The main activity in 2016, though, from many companies seems to have been raising money through issues. And this does not trigger higher share prices – on the contrary! Press releases announcing news, causing the share to rise have been too sparse so far. This week was different. There was good news from both BrainCool and Recyctec. Continue reading