Monthly Archives: December 2016


Heliospectra’s issue completed


Heliospectra completed the announced issue in the first half of December. There was a 118 % subscription rate. The total amount is 107 MSEK, with 91 MSEK from the regular subscription and 16 MSEK from the oversubscription. According the decision from extra general meeting, shares for another 4 MSEK could have been issued if more investors have subscribed. Continue reading

Investors leaving an unsuccesful issue

Issues in 2016


During the past 12 months all but one company in my portfolio made issues. This is Fortnox. AroCell did last December and the rest throughout the year – some more than once. Of the 11 shares in the portfolio 6 have made public issues, 2 issues on basis of warrants, and 8 were private placements.

The long term investor has to make choices, then. First, when to participate? Second, how much of my saving will I direct towards high risk investments? Third, if an issue is not fully subscribed, does the long term case still stand? Continue reading