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Recyctec – the last issue?


Prolonging the list of issues during 2016, Recyctec began 2017 with an announcement of a preferential rights issue on January 13th. During 2016, the company have muddled its way through. Production problems during summer, which turned over plans for a break through and breakeven, has made things difficult for Recyctec. This even after private placements in March and June and a 10 MSEK loan in December. Hopefully, this issue will provide enough funding to allow the company to focus on sales. The financial goals are profits in 2017 and a turnover of more than 100 MSEK with a margin of more than 30% in 2020. Probably this is the last issue from Recyctec. Continue reading

Portfolio performance 2016

Portfolio performance during 2016


Last year did not have the same swung as the portfolio performance of 2015. On average, the portfolio lost 28 % – compared to a plus of 80 % in 2015. There are probably two reasons for this. One is the more moderate growth in share prices during 2016. The broad Stockholm index rose 6 %. The other reason is the very high number of issues among the shares in the portfolio. In general, issues put pressure on the price. Unless some very significant news follow shortly, it takes a long time for the price to recover. Continue reading