A Hacked New Year!


I’m glad to announce that svenskeaktier.dk is back! The blog has been hacked and was temporarily shot down. It took some time to clean it from malware and hidden back doors. Now the blog is back. This is what I experienced and how my 2017 began.

One late afternoon around New Year I received a number of mails from my web hotel. The text was in red and ‘this information is important, read it closely’ was labelled on them. Apparently my blog was hacked and had started sending thousands of emails. It was was shot down shortly after by the web hotel.

My main purpose of this blog is to write on investments in start-ups. I can handle the technical stuff on the web – but just so. By no means I’m a web page wizard, so for me the cleaning up started by searching for help on the internet and watching a lot of instruction videos on YouTube.

I’m the generation that bought the first computer with a DOS 3.3. When we configured it then, we edited and rewrote the config.sys files. That was rather sensitive process since a minor misspelling often led to black screen and a non-responding computer.

Cleaning up after a hacker attack start with the same rewriting the start-up files. This rewriting allows only me and my IP-address to access the page. After that the web hotel can re-open the site and I can start installing protective software. Apparently the one I had was not strong enough. From now on I have three different.

After two scans with different plug-ins the blog was freed from both the software causing problems and the backdoor the hacker had installed on the site. Then I only had to re-edit the access files, reset passwords and ask the web hotel to reopen the site.

Even though I can explain the process in a few short lines the learning, and understanding, and waiting for answers from my web hotel took 2 weeks.

Who hacked me?

But I wonder. Who hacked it? These days the obvious candidate is the Russian intelligence. And the thousands of mails send by my site is most likely phishing mails aimed at the new Trump-administration. The story could be intriguing, but the plain truth is that I don’t know the content of the mails send by my page. Hopefully they were all caught in ‘un-wanted mail’ or spam filters and caused no harm.

I’ll be back to the theme of this blog shortly with a post on the development of the portfolio during 2016 and on the newly announced preferential rights issue in Recyctec.

Happy New Year!


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