Monthly Archives: February 2017

Portfolio overview Q317

Dignitana after Q4


Thursday the 23th the year-end report came from Dignitana. The day before a few investors had positioned themselves and driven the share price up by about 9.6 %. At the end of Thursday, they had lost their money as the share went down 16.4 % after the report. I myself was surprised by the heavy fall: no one with a little knowledge of the company expected anything but loss. Continue reading

AroCell and Nexam reports

Non-events – reports from AroCell and Nexam Chemicals


Year-end reports from companies with no turnover seldom changes the share price. For AroCell and Nexam it did. For some reason the report from AroCell Thursday this week (16th), showing an expected but very limited turnover, made the share drop almost 5 %. Obvious some investors had hoped for more. Nexam fell 9.4 % after a report that showed almost no growth in turnover – but have regained some of it Friday. Personally, I hoped for a much higher turnover in Q4. Continue reading

BrainCool issue

Something went wrong – BrainCool report


On the 14th BrainCool made a press release concerning their year-end report of 2016. One hour later, Aktietorget suspended the trading, as it turned out that the numbers in the report did not add up. By then the share had lost 6 %. Trading was not resumed before next morning, after a revised version of the report was released. Since the report came out, the company has lost 14 % of its value. Continue reading

Fortnox report

Fortnox 2016 report


Readers of this blog will know that Fortnox was the only share in my portfolio going up during 2016. After Norwegian Visma made a bid for the company in March – and cancelled the bid in June –, the share price has risen during the second half of 2016. After Visma withdrew the bid, a new board and a new CEO took over. Immediately after the cancellation of the bid, the share price dropped to 15.30 SEK but by New Year, the share had regained its strength and closed at 29.90 SEK. Over the year, the share went up 79 %. During the first part of 2017, the share has moved up 15.7 % and closed at 34.6 SEK on the report day, February 9th. Continue reading