Monthly Archives: March 2017

Start of report season

Volatile spring week


This week has been one of the most volatile weeks when I look at the shares in my portfolio. Top 4 of largest changes this week are: A1M down 40 %, CybAero up 15 %, Cantargia up 9 %, and Dignitana up 8 %. For some of this there a understandable reasons – for others there are not.

A1M – volatile weeks ‘winner’

The shares plunged this week! Down 40 %. For some reason the share price have kept its height even though there was a coming issue. This week changed this.

The prospectus also came out this week. In short: The subscription period began at March 24th and ends April 7th. For 2.25 SEK you get a unit. Each unit contains three shares and one free warrant. After the issue the company will merger 20 shares into one new and apply for listing on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. Continue reading


CybAero – low expectations


The year-end report from came on Friday and marks the end of the report season. Contrary to the reports form the rest of the portfolio, CybAero immediately went up 21 %. Perhaps because expectations to CybAero are extremely low. The share price mirrors the expectations. By the end of 2015 the share price were 10.75 SEK, by the end of 2016 2.97, and on Friday – after + 21 % (!) – it is 1.86 SEK. Continue reading

A1M share price

A1M Pharma – an unusual share price development


When A1M Pharma announced an issue February 7th the share market acted as always and started a steep slide towards the issue price of 0.75 SEK. The day before the announcement, the share closed at 1.97. Three days later, it had dropped to half the price – 0.98 SEK. So far, everything was normal. Usually the share price then would move a little closer to the issue price ending perhaps with a premium of 5-25 % for taking the risk. What we see in A1M is something quite different. Continue reading


Guarantors saves Recyctec’s issue


Well, Recyctec announced the outcome of the issue in February this week. The preferential rights issue had a 100 percent guarantee, which came into use since current shareholders subscribed only 44 % and other investors accounted for 26 %. The guarantors covered the rest – 30 %.

The outcome came as a surprise to me since the prospects of the company are good. There are no known competitors, the company is riding on the huge Green Wave, Recyctec have distribution agreements with a number of distributors, and this issue ought to bring the company to break even in 2017. Then why does only 44 % of the current shareholders have the faith in the company and are willing to subscribe? Continue reading