Monthly Archives: April 2017

Q1 report

Mixed start of the Q1-season


The quarterly reports gives an update on ones investments. Between the reports market and share price reflects what investors assume or guesses. Sometimes the market has been too optimistic and sometimes too conservative. Then we can see smaller or bigger corrections of the share price. For start-up companies the reports become of interest when the company enters market. The reports from Cantargia and A1M Pharma will show no turnover, so the reports will be a ritualistic note to the market and will have no effect on share price. On the other hand, the reports from companies with products on market investors will study in depth. In my portfolio, these are Recyctec, Fortnox, Heliospectra, Dignitana, and Nexam Chemical. This week there were Q1-reports from Fortnox, Recyctec and Heliospectra – with a mixed picture. Continue reading

News before Easter


The short week before Easter gave us news about A1 Pharma’s issue and CybAero’s troubles with the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) – both affecting share prices negatively. Both shares fell heavily and the share prices are in both cases close to 1 SEK…A1M’s price is 0.92 SEK and CybAero’s 1.29. Reduced to penny shares, in other words. Continue reading

BrainCool issue

Easter egg from BrainCool


On Wednesday (April 5th) the trading of BrainCool shares were stopped in the late afternoon with no explanation. There were a number of theories on the internet ranging from the CEO has left with the remaining money to stories that the BrainCool System had received clearance from the Australian Department of Health. What made the latter theory credible was the links to the Australian homepage. This story received confirmation on Thursday morning before opening of Aktietorget and trading reopened at 9. Two and a half hour later, another press release came from BrainCool … a preferential rights issue in May. Continue reading


Heliospectra – growth back on track


Since New Year, the Heliospectra share has dropped 19 % and now costs 6.15 SEK. In December, Heliospectra made an oversubscribed issue at 6.5 SEK. After the issue, the company changed CEO. The year-end report showed growth … but perhaps not as much as expected. The growth in the second haft of 2016 was 35 % – and 68 % full year 2016. In other words, growth was high in the first half of 2016, but lost momentum in the second half. Therefore, there is a reason to keep an extra eye on how Heliospectra develops. Continue reading