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Dignitana – full speed ahead


Dignitana always reports at the end of the season. In other words, the report I am most curious about, always comes last. Finally on Wednesday, May 24th it came. There is no doubt that 2017 will take the company to the test. After their FDA-approval, focus has been on cultivating the US market. If 2017 goes well, break-even lies ahead of us either in Q4 or in Q1 next year. Once a month the company announces new agreements with hospitals and clinics. Theses causes al lot of debate and guessing since they only tell names, but does not reveal neither the number of systems delivered nor any follow-up orders from existing customers. Therefor the report will give answers. Continue reading

BrainCool issue

BrainCool issue – and a pleasant surprise


In April BrainCool announced a preferential rights issue. The subscription period began on May 15th and ends at May 29th. The issue price is 5 SEK, which is slightly under the current share price of 5.30 SEK (Friday May 19th). Presumably, the issue will be oversubscribed and company will raise the intended 58.5 MSEK. For my part, I will subscribe all I can using my warrants. Continue reading

Q3 reports

More reports – and more bad news for Cybaero


The report season is still on. During the past week, reports came from Nexam and AroCell – and investors acted quite differently on the reports. One went up the other went down. Then on Friday, a press release took away yet another trunk of CybAero’s value. The share only just managed to keep above 1 SEK. The past week the share is down 31 % and the investors fleeing. Let us begin with Nexam. Continue reading

Phase Holographic share price

Phase Holographic share living a life on its own


Phase Holographic (PHI) was by far the best performing share of my portfolio in 2015. During 2015, the share moved from 8.5 SEK to 41.40 SEK (+387 %). Then in January 2016, the company announced an issue. The share price immediately fell to a level around 25 SEK, from where is has moved a bit up one week and a bit down the next during entire 2016 and the beginning of 2017. This picture seems have changed lately and the share moves up and seems to have regained the momentum from 2015. The question is why. Continue reading