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Recyctec report with a question mark


On Friday the Q2 report came. It casts doubt if Recyctec has sufficient cash to break even. During the week, the new CEO even revised the prior target of profits for 2017 as a whole. Now the company expects one or two months with profits during Q4, but not necessarily Q4 as a whole. This raises one essential question: does the company have sufficient cash? Continue reading


Funds and fines – CybAero in the clear?


Investors have for some time hoped for a solution for the cash problems of CybAero. This week the company announced a letter of intent securing the company sufficient funds to continue. At the same time, the company received a fine for misleading market communications. No wonder we saw huge changes in the share price. Continue reading

Share price triggers

Limited effect of triggers


In my post last week, I wrote that there seems to be a limited effect of triggers in the market today. Especially compared to two or three years ago. I will elaborate on this today with Dignitana as case.

The reason Dignitana is a fantastic case is that the company this week received an approval from FDA. Dignitana can now use scalp cooling to ease by-effects of chemotherapy of solid tumour cancers in the US. Until now, their approval from 2015 was limited for treating hair loss caused by chemotherapy with breast cancer. With the new approval, the market opens for both sexes and a range of other types of cancer. The announcement came on Monday evening some hours after the exchange closed. Continue reading

Investment strategy

Thoughts on my prior investment strategy


The past one and a half year with its losses have made me think if my present investment strategy is right. During 2016, the portfolio value was down 27.8 %. This first half of 2017, the portfolio is down 28.8 %. This is more than half the value gone in 1½ half year! At the same time, the high number of issues has made me throw more money into what seems like an eternal cash burning flame. Continue reading

Portfolio development first half 2017

Portfolio performance first half of 2017


Well, the first half of 2017 did not make me a rich man. The portfolio performance is disappointing.  Actually, on average the portfolio is down 28.8 % since New Year. This in a period were the broad Stockholm index (SPI) is up almost 8 %. Luckily, there are stars among the shares with great performance. Still the number of shares with huge losses are very high.

It is increasingly difficult for a share to get any upwards momentum after an issue. Often the share hovers around the issue price. Then starts sliding downwards. BrainCool is the latest example. The issue price were 5 SEK and now a month later, the share is almost 10 % below the issue price at 4.59 SEK. For the winner in the first half of 2017, Phase Holographic, it took 14 months before the share started moving upwards after an issue. The overall portfolio performance you can see above. Here follows comments on the three best and the three worst performing shares. Continue reading