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Heliospectra and Dignitana – almost but not there yet


Six out of eleven companies in the portfolio reported last week. In my post prior to the report season, I found that the reports from Fortnox, Nexam, Dignitana and Heliospectra were the most interesting. All three of them are ramping up sales and growth in turnover is probably the most important trigger. I have written posts on Fortnox and Nexam earlier. Today focus is on Heliospectra and Dignitana. Continue reading

Fortnox report

Fortnox after Q2 – can growth continue?


Friday came the report from Fortnox. It held no surprises: growth is high as turnover rose by 35 % compared to last year and new customers keeps coming at an even higher pace than last year. The only stain is the margin (20.4) which the subsidiary Nox Finance affect negatively by its very low margin (2.3%). After tax, profits were 10 MSEK, up from 6.4 MSEK last year. Per share 0.17 SEK in Q2 compared to 0.11 SEK last year. A fine report, no doubt. I cannot help wonder, thogh, if Fortnox can keep the current growth rates. Continue reading

A fine report from Nexam


Nexams Q2-report, which came out on Friday, was pleasant reading. Nexam now reports sales in all three focus-areas and turnover is the highest ever. Clearly, the company is on the right track. Their customers now return with even larger orders as their products with Nexams chemistry gain market. Nevertheless, the share lost 1.6 % after the report. This year the share is down 27 %. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Before the half-year reports


The next three weeks are the traditional season half-year reports for great many companies. A few companies publish their reports in July, but most do in August after the summer holidays. The majority, especially among small companies, will however show up during the last weeks of August. For companies with no turnover reports are non-event. Mostly a burn rate test. For companies with beginning sales, though, perhaps near their first profitable month or quarter, a report can turn the share price upside down. Continue reading