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Up and down – portfolio volatility


The theme today is volatility. The reason is a discussion I had. The other day, I discussed shares with a friend and we compared list on our phones. On mine, BrainCool was up 4-5 %, AroCell down 6 % etc. Then he showed his list with large cap shares and the changes were 0.57 % and occasional 1.42 %. A change of 3 % is to him extraordinary while in my portfolio 3 % might be the difference from one trade to the next. Just reflecting the spread. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Towards the end of Q3 – portfolio overview


A portfolio overview here at the end of Q3 would be appropriate. It will indicate what to look for in the upcoming Q3 reports. The past months have been rather quiet and except for BrainCool, only minor news have occurred. Nevertheless the next months might give some answers. Continue reading

A turning point for CybAero?


The past week CybAero has started climbing out of the mud. The share is up 17 % this week. It seems that the arrangement with Brackenor might alter the air of crisis and doom hoovering around and over CybAero.

In the half-year report from the end of August, it struck me that yet another shift in strategy might be under way. About a year ago, the company announced that they wanted to enter a new business area; drone services. The analysis was, that the need for aerial inspection or surveillance was out there, but not to the extent that the customer would or could buy an unmanned system. On the other hand, they might buy the service if the supplier had the right equipment and the right competencies. Continue reading


Thanks to Dagens Industri


In July, I made some reflections on triggers. My observation is that during the past two years, it seem that the market needs more than just a positive press release before there is an effect on share price. It has removed some of the craziness – which had its own charm – and in most cases made the road from IPO to profit longer for the individual investor. Nevertheless, some craziness remains in the market. This week BrainCool went up 88 %. Out of the blue. The company did nothing to start this. It all began … in a newspaper. Continue reading