Monthly Archives: October 2017

Three reports in line with expectation – and slaughter of Dignitana


This week the Q3-season began. There were report from Fortnox, Heliospectra and Recyctec. Fortnox showed strong growth both in terms of turnover and in terms of profit. Heliospectra had a strong order intake and moves in the right direction with rising turnover and falling loss. Recyctec announced a few days before the report that the company will run out of cash in December. Recyctec also announced a revision of their prior financial targets. Both Heliospectra and Recyctec rose slightly after their reports. Fortnox are up 9 %. Dignitana is quite another story… Continue reading


Dignitana and the art of communication


Last week Dignitana lost a quarter of its value in one day. This came after a press release titled ‘Dignitana clarifies the company’s position’. On different forums the have been a more and more sour debate on the company before and after the release. The debate has many themes – some more, some less serious. The most serious is lack of prober information, on which I will focus. Continue reading

New share in the portfolio – Waystream


This week I added Waystream to my portfolio. Waystream offers services in a field not covered by other companies in the portfolio, fibre broadband. The share is listed at First North in Stockholm since November 2015. In terms of my EGS-model, the company combines market acceptance and has almost reached breakeven. In that respect Waystream mostly resembles Fortnox, the most mature company in the portfolio. First, I will make a short presentation of the company and then I will come back to my reasons for adding Waystream into the portfolio. Continue reading

Ups and downs

Keep calm … there are always bumps ahead


Investing in start-ups or tests your ability to keep calm. The road to market and profitability is long and bumpy for start-ups. The closer you get to the magic point of first profits or break even, the more impatient investors seems. Rephrased: As you get closer often, the share paradoxically goes down. Continue reading