Monthly Archives: November 2017

Issues are back after a pause


Last year almost all companies in the portfolio asked for more money and made issues. On this front, this year has been quiet – until now. The last two months, though, CybAero, Dignitana, Cantargia and Recyctec have announced private and preferential right issues – and there is a warrant series due as well, which I got as part of A1M Pharma’s issue in June 2016. In other words, I could easily switch Christmas presents for shares – but I am not sure that my sons will be happy. Continue reading


Reports from Waystream and Hexatronic – the newcomers in the portfolio


On this week’s menu was report for the two newcomers Waystream and Hexatronic. Both reports showed high growth in revenue, Hexatronic 30 % (Y-t-Y) and Waystream 60% (Y-t-Y). For the first nine months of 2017 growth were 34 % and 46 % respectively. The reports did change the share price, which I will comment in a minute. Continue reading

Hexatronic Group – New in the portfolio


This week I added Hexatronic Group to my portfolio. Compared to the portfolio Hexatronic is a mature company. Net revenue is 891 MSEK, profits of 42 MSEK, and an EBIDTA-margin of 9,1 % (latest full year report). Hexatronic is in the same industry as Waystream, as I added to the portfolio two weeks ago. The difference is that Hexatronic delivers the passive parts, fibre optic cables, duct, splice boxes etc.. Waystream delivers the active parts of fibre network (routers etc.). The two companies therefore complement each other rather than being competitors. Hexatronic is listed at small cap on Nasdaq Stockholm. Continue reading