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year-end reports

Year-end reports approaching


During the next four weeks, there will be a stream of year-end reports. Large companies probably with many resources have already made their reports public. Small companies as the ones in my portfolio often comes later. All of them except CybAero (March) and Phase Holographic (does not follow calendar) will report during February starting with Fortnox on Friday the 9th and ending with Cantargia on the 28th. Let us start with the reports containing least surprises. Continue reading

Portfolio update: What a beginning of 2018!


Two weeks back I made a post on the portfolio development last year. The conclusion was that only three shares out of 13 moved up last year. The three worst performing shares all dropped 80-90 %. Now it seems that they many of the shares have started a comeback. This year in other words, have had a terrific start. Continue reading


The Dignitana issue – and how I lost money


The first week of 2018 has offered a sting of good news and along with the positive sentiments of the market has given a fantastic lift to the portfolio. I hope this will continue throughout the year! In an earlier post, I promised to tell about my mistakes and miscalculation around the Dignitana issue. This is a story much better told after some profitable days. Losing money is today’s theme – luckily, it was mine … not yours! Continue reading

Portfolio in 2017

Portfolio development in 2017


We are now some hours past New Year’s evening and it is time to look at the development of the portfolio in 2017. The year have been somewhat mixed. In general, though, I still wait for the potential rocket-shares to lift off. The overall picture you can see at the top of this post.

I will say a few words on both red and green shares… And I will start with the red, the three shares who have lost the most in 2017. Continue reading