Monthly Archives: April 2018


Heliospectra moving fast


Heliospectra has been busy making contracts in 2008. The past months Heliospectra have announced a number of orders and the growth continues. Besides the high number of announced orders, the average order size are considerably higher than in 2017. If the pace continues, the quarterly reports will be major share price triggers throughout 2018. Continue reading

CybAero in the clear?


Shortly before Easter CybAero announced a financing agreement with a London-based company, Alpha Blue Ocean. This agreement gives CybAero access to (up to) 52.5 MSEK in 13 convertible loans. The day after, March 29th finally came the postponed year-end report, showing a loss of 155 MSEK after tax. I still wonder if this Easter 2018 was an (crash-) landing site for CybAero – or a take-off point. Continue reading