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Hard and unjust punishment of Nexam after Q1 report


The Q1 report from Nexam came on Wednesday. This is the first report for a full quarter after the acquisition of Plasticolor. Of course, this makes comparison difficult. Nevertheless, I cannot find reason in the report for a 9.4 % fall. The market reaction seems both hard and unjust. Continue reading


Strong quarter for Hexatronic despite hard winter


The Q1 report from Hexatronic came out Friday last week. Traditionally Q1 is the weakest quarter. Furthermore, Easter was in Q1, which affects revenues negatively. And it has been a harsh winter. Nevertheless, Hexatronic came out with a 16 % growth and higher profits compared to Q1-17. I added a few more shares after the report. Continue reading

Nexam acquires Plasticolor


Friday morning finally came the press release investors in Nexam have been waiting for during more than a year. The acquisition! Nexam acquired a master batch producer, and now have access to production capacity. Before the acquisition, Nexam had a small production site in Scotland. After there will be sites in Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia and Hungary which will add to capacity. Continue reading