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Rally in BrainCool


During 2018, there has been a steady news stream from BrainCool. Despite this, the share price have gone down for the better part of the year moving from 8.77 SEK in the first week of January to the low point at 4.9 SEK in July. Since then it has recovered and during August and September held ground between 6 and 7 SEK. Then suddenly on October 1th, a rally started and in three days, it jumped no less than 79 %, from 7.0 SEK to 12.4 SEK. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Almost successful issues


The past two post I have focused on issues and IPO. This again will be the topic but from a different angel since A1M Pharma completed their issue this week and BrainCool announced a very peculiar form of private placement. Some issues are at best almost successful issues, which A1M Pharma is an example of. And of course there is the farce of the week: the postponed listing of That wasn’t even ‘almost successful’ but straight out unsuccessful and made the laugh of the month. Continue reading

Exit G5

Portfolio news – exit G5


It is August heat in Scandinavia and temperatures above 25 degrees. Perfect weather for sitting on the terrace an read the news on successful small companies – if it wasn’t impossible to read anything on a screen because of the reflecting light. Anyway here are some news. Most important I have sold G5 Entertainment. BrainCool seems back on growth-track, and it seems Dignitana is steering towards an oversubscribed issue ending June 10th. A1M Pharma? The subscription period ended yesterday and we still wait for the result. Continue reading

Portfolio performance March 2016

Portfolio performance March


March have been a month of extremes in the portfolio. Overall, the portfolio performance is up by 5% on average, but in one end, Fortnox went up 45% and Nexam 40 %, while on the other hand Dignitana went down 13.5 % and G5 Entertainment 11%. In all, the portfolio has not yet recovered from the onslaught in January and February and is still down 15 %, while the broad OMX-SPI is down 4.3 %. Continue reading

Portfolio performance

Portfolio performance January 2016


During January, I have on two occasions dealt with the share price development. The month have been really volatile with huge shifts in share price changing one winner one week to a looser the next. During the first half of the month the portfolio performance was above average, but in the latter below.

In this month, one share has lost a third of its value, two shares a quarter of the value and one a fifth. On an equal weight basis, the portfolio is down 9.6 % – compared to the 7.1 % of the broad Stockholm index (SPI). Continue reading

Year-end reports

Year-end reports


February is the months for year-end reports. The year circle of many companies follows the calendar, and throughout February, they are published – with a few in January and a few in March.

For growth shares at an early stage of their development the year-end reports is not the main driver of the share price. For lager companies guidance given in reports often have an impact on the share price. The share price development of growth shares are governed more by non-financial press releases: a CE-marking, an initial order, a FDA-approval etc. than by financial results.

Of my portfolio, I expect the share price of Nexam will gain by the report – with Fortnox, G5 Entertainment, Heliospectra, and Recyctec as probable benefactors. Continue reading

Portfolio performance December

Portfolio performance in December


December was a green month – in more than one sense. The weather was warm and my lawn seemed to grow in both November and December, but more interesting the predominant colour in my portfolio performance for December is green.

In this post, I will evaluate the portfolio performance in December (and in 2015) and give a few comments of what to expect in 2016. The performance first. Continue reading


BrainCool – two companies in 2016?


BrainCool is a very innovative company. As I have written in my earlier posts on the company, it seems to have hit a golden ore in medical cooling. Today the company are active in the field of cardiac arrest, stroke and oral mucositis. Cooling concussions in sport (at first ice hockey), the company added to this list on December 10th.

This week BrainCool then announced that it had started a subsidiary for sports medicine and plans to either licence/sell it or give to the shareholders of BrainCool in a free issue. Find the press release here (in Swedish only).

In Sweden, a free issue where a subsidiary is distributed to the shareholder is a lex ASEA distribution (lex ASEA-utdelning) and are tax-free for the investors. It bears its name of a company currently being part of the Swedish-Swiss ABB. Continue reading

Short News

Short News week 51


I will begin this Short News by saying, that I am that this weekend the COP meeting in Paris ended with an agreement reducing the global warming. Investors in wind turbines, solar panels and other climate friendly technologies will have a significant driver in the coming years, as middle classes in India, China and Africa demands more goods and at the same time try to avoid the negative effects of climate change.

A number of companies in my portfolio do business in green tech: Recyctec, Photocat and to some extent Heliospectra. The most obvious winner, I imagine could be Photocat by combining their self-cleaner for windows, Shine ON, with the rapidly growing market for solar panels, reducing the loss of solar energy caused by dirt on the panels. Probably this is a path already under exploration.

This week I focus on three companies in my Short News: IVISYS, BrainCool and Photocat … in said order. Continue reading