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CybAero: Skeletons falling out


CybAero made headlines. A week ago, March 19th, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, SvD had a front-page story about CybAero. The angel was that the company covered shortcomings in a naval test of its drones. Instead, CybAero issued a press release telling that the test was a success – and the share went up 14 %. This happened in May 2016. Continue reading


Recyctec at the observation list


Currently two companies, Recyctec and CybAero of my portfolio is in trouble. This is the first time as investor I have experienced possible bankruptcy. Of course, I knew it was a possible risk. The risk is even larger when investing in companies with no proven track record… And not even a product to sell. The companies are Recyctec listed on Aktietorget and CybAero listed on First North in Stockholm. Even though Recyctec is the theme today, I will shortly visit CybAero first. Continue reading

Recyctec – the effect of improving communication


Recyctec is currently on the Observation List. This is due to with a uncertain situation regarding funding. Personally, I am quite confident that their presence on the Observation List will be short. Soon the company then will prosper and the value of my investment will rise. How do I know? I don’t. Nevertheless, I am confident. Communication do that trick. Continue reading

Hexatronic Group – New in the portfolio


This week I added Hexatronic Group to my portfolio. Compared to the portfolio Hexatronic is a mature company. Net revenue is 891 MSEK, profits of 42 MSEK, and an EBIDTA-margin of 9,1 % (latest full year report). Hexatronic is in the same industry as Waystream, as I added to the portfolio two weeks ago. The difference is that Hexatronic delivers the passive parts, fibre optic cables, duct, splice boxes etc.. Waystream delivers the active parts of fibre network (routers etc.). The two companies therefore complement each other rather than being competitors. Hexatronic is listed at small cap on Nasdaq Stockholm. Continue reading


Dignitana and the art of communication


Last week Dignitana lost a quarter of its value in one day. This came after a press release titled ‘Dignitana clarifies the company’s position’. On different forums the have been a more and more sour debate on the company before and after the release. The debate has many themes – some more, some less serious. The most serious is lack of prober information, on which I will focus. Continue reading

Ups and downs

Keep calm … there are always bumps ahead


Investing in start-ups or tests your ability to keep calm. The road to market and profitability is long and bumpy for start-ups. The closer you get to the magic point of first profits or break even, the more impatient investors seems. Rephrased: As you get closer often, the share paradoxically goes down. Continue reading

Up and down – portfolio volatility


The theme today is volatility. The reason is a discussion I had. The other day, I discussed shares with a friend and we compared list on our phones. On mine, BrainCool was up 4-5 %, AroCell down 6 % etc. Then he showed his list with large cap shares and the changes were 0.57 % and occasional 1.42 %. A change of 3 % is to him extraordinary while in my portfolio 3 % might be the difference from one trade to the next. Just reflecting the spread. Continue reading


Thanks to Dagens Industri


In July, I made some reflections on triggers. My observation is that during the past two years, it seem that the market needs more than just a positive press release before there is an effect on share price. It has removed some of the craziness – which had its own charm – and in most cases made the road from IPO to profit longer for the individual investor. Nevertheless, some craziness remains in the market. This week BrainCool went up 88 %. Out of the blue. The company did nothing to start this. It all began … in a newspaper. Continue reading

Fortnox report

Fortnox after Q2 – can growth continue?


Friday came the report from Fortnox. It held no surprises: growth is high as turnover rose by 35 % compared to last year and new customers keeps coming at an even higher pace than last year. The only stain is the margin (20.4) which the subsidiary Nox Finance affect negatively by its very low margin (2.3%). After tax, profits were 10 MSEK, up from 6.4 MSEK last year. Per share 0.17 SEK in Q2 compared to 0.11 SEK last year. A fine report, no doubt. I cannot help wonder, thogh, if Fortnox can keep the current growth rates. Continue reading


Funds and fines – CybAero in the clear?


Investors have for some time hoped for a solution for the cash problems of CybAero. This week the company announced a letter of intent securing the company sufficient funds to continue. At the same time, the company received a fine for misleading market communications. No wonder we saw huge changes in the share price. Continue reading