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Heliospectra moving fast


Heliospectra has been busy making contracts in 2008. The past months Heliospectra have announced a number of orders and the growth continues. Besides the high number of announced orders, the average order size are considerably higher than in 2017. If the pace continues, the quarterly reports will be major share price triggers throughout 2018. Continue reading


Thanks to Dagens Industri


In July, I made some reflections on triggers. My observation is that during the past two years, it seem that the market needs more than just a positive press release before there is an effect on share price. It has removed some of the craziness – which had its own charm – and in most cases made the road from IPO to profit longer for the individual investor. Nevertheless, some craziness remains in the market. This week BrainCool went up 88 %. Out of the blue. The company did nothing to start this. It all began … in a newspaper. Continue reading