Share price triggers

Share price trigger list


This is my share price trigger list up-dated on October 16th, 2017

On this list I keep track of the possible for foreseeable share price triggers associated with the shares I hold. I do not include insider buying or macro economical factors. The triggers are the milestones associated with each individual company and what can trigger their shares price.

For some, triggers can be one single events other general performance.

This list I have kept the past few years as share price changes often occurs when press releases are send out. The financial reports can be fairly thin and are quickly overseen – and triggers no change in share price. On the other hand, press releases on other milestones that the financial can cause huge changes in share prises. That’s why a share price trigger list is a useful tool in monitoring the shares.

 A1M Pharma

Positive research results


CE marking √ (October 1, 2015)

Positive research results

Start of sales

Framework agreements with distributors/partners (UK and Ireland October 2017)


CE marking √ (August 17, 2015)

Private placement/shares issue √(September, 2015)

Start of sales equipment to stroke-/cardiac arrest treatment √(September, 2015)

Approval treatment to prevent oral mucositis

Details of unknown project hinted by the CEO, Martin Waleij √(December  10, 2015)

Company split (Lex Asea)

Partners (partly: Partners in Europe (May 2016) and Japan (August 2016))

Regular sales


Positive research results


Outcome of share issue √ (September 15, 2015)

Change to Nasdaq main list

Orders from new costumers

Deliverance of delayed projects


FDA approval √(December 8, 2015)

Orders from Asia

Sales in US and cooperation with hospitals and clinics


Growth in turnover and profits


Orders and rising sales

Nexam Chemical

Clear indications of market penetration

Rising sales

Change of list to NASDAQ Small Cap

New focus aera

Phase Holographic Imaging

Sale of equipment at market leading laboratories

Unexpected fields of use of the equipment


Upscaling of production – and sales.


Rising sales

Initial orders from Germany


See my Growth share portfolio for more information on the companies. You can find link to the company web-pages there, too.