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Portfolio H1-18

Portfolio performance first half of 2018


First half of 2018 have been exiting. During the first six months one share have more than doubled and one almost – and in the other end of the lane, one went bankrupt. It is the first time I experience a company going bankrupt as investor. I was not exactly surprised, as trading has been on halt for many months. Nevertheless, it is sad.

Above is the portfolio development during H1. As OMX SPI shows the Swedish index was almost flat (+0.9 %) during the period. Compared the portfolio on average went up 4.4 %. Continue reading

Portfolio in 2017

Portfolio development in 2017


We are now some hours past New Year’s evening and it is time to look at the development of the portfolio in 2017. The year have been somewhat mixed. In general, though, I still wait for the potential rocket-shares to lift off. The overall picture you can see at the top of this post.

I will say a few words on both red and green shares… And I will start with the red, the three shares who have lost the most in 2017. Continue reading

News on issues and a Merry Christmas

News on issues and a Merry Christmas


It is Christmas at last and despite stormy weather and lack of snow, I appreciate the days of with my family. I hope you find time for that as well.

During December, four of the companies in my portfolio asked for more money. The companies are CybAero, Cantargia, Recyctec and Dignitana. In this post, I will follow up on the issues and say a few words on the perspectives. Continue reading

Issues are back after a pause


Last year almost all companies in the portfolio asked for more money and made issues. On this front, this year has been quiet – until now. The last two months, though, CybAero, Dignitana, Cantargia and Recyctec have announced private and preferential right issues – and there is a warrant series due as well, which I got as part of A1M Pharma’s issue in June 2016. In other words, I could easily switch Christmas presents for shares – but I am not sure that my sons will be happy. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Towards the end of Q3 – portfolio overview


A portfolio overview here at the end of Q3 would be appropriate. It will indicate what to look for in the upcoming Q3 reports. The past months have been rather quiet and except for BrainCool, only minor news have occurred. Nevertheless the next months might give some answers. Continue reading

Portfolio development first half 2017

Portfolio performance first half of 2017


Well, the first half of 2017 did not make me a rich man. The portfolio performance is disappointing.  Actually, on average the portfolio is down 28.8 % since New Year. This in a period were the broad Stockholm index (SPI) is up almost 8 %. Luckily, there are stars among the shares with great performance. Still the number of shares with huge losses are very high.

It is increasingly difficult for a share to get any upwards momentum after an issue. Often the share hovers around the issue price. Then starts sliding downwards. BrainCool is the latest example. The issue price were 5 SEK and now a month later, the share is almost 10 % below the issue price at 4.59 SEK. For the winner in the first half of 2017, Phase Holographic, it took 14 months before the share started moving upwards after an issue. The overall portfolio performance you can see above. Here follows comments on the three best and the three worst performing shares. Continue reading


Insider buying in the portfolio


During the week, I decided that I would make a review on insider trading in the portfolio. It turned out that the majority of the insider transactions was part of the preferential rights issues. This goes for A1M Pharma, BrainCool and Cantargia or as part of an options programme (Phase Holographic). In AroCell and Fortnox, newly appointed managers bought a number of shares. Continue reading

News before Easter


The short week before Easter gave us news about A1 Pharma’s issue and CybAero’s troubles with the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) – both affecting share prices negatively. Both shares fell heavily and the share prices are in both cases close to 1 SEK…A1M’s price is 0.92 SEK and CybAero’s 1.29. Reduced to penny shares, in other words. Continue reading

Start of report season

Volatile spring week


This week has been one of the most volatile weeks when I look at the shares in my portfolio. Top 4 of largest changes this week are: A1M down 40 %, CybAero up 15 %, Cantargia up 9 %, and Dignitana up 8 %. For some of this there a understandable reasons – for others there are not.

A1M – volatile weeks ‘winner’

The shares plunged this week! Down 40 %. For some reason the share price have kept its height even though there was a coming issue. This week changed this.

The prospectus also came out this week. In short: The subscription period began at March 24th and ends April 7th. For 2.25 SEK you get a unit. Each unit contains three shares and one free warrant. After the issue the company will merger 20 shares into one new and apply for listing on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. Continue reading

A1M share price

A1M Pharma – an unusual share price development


When A1M Pharma announced an issue February 7th the share market acted as always and started a steep slide towards the issue price of 0.75 SEK. The day before the announcement, the share closed at 1.97. Three days later, it had dropped to half the price – 0.98 SEK. So far, everything was normal. Usually the share price then would move a little closer to the issue price ending perhaps with a premium of 5-25 % for taking the risk. What we see in A1M is something quite different. Continue reading