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Portfolio performance 2016

Portfolio performance during 2016


Last year did not have the same swung as the portfolio performance of 2015. On average, the portfolio lost 28 % – compared to a plus of 80 % in 2015. There are probably two reasons for this. One is the more moderate growth in share prices during 2016. The broad Stockholm index rose 6 %. The other reason is the very high number of issues among the shares in the portfolio. In general, issues put pressure on the price. Unless some very significant news follow shortly, it takes a long time for the price to recover. Continue reading

Investors leaving an unsuccesful issue

Issues in 2016


During the past 12 months all but one company in my portfolio made issues. This is Fortnox. AroCell did last December and the rest throughout the year – some more than once. Of the 11 shares in the portfolio 6 have made public issues, 2 issues on basis of warrants, and 8 were private placements.

The long term investor has to make choices, then. First, when to participate? Second, how much of my saving will I direct towards high risk investments? Third, if an issue is not fully subscribed, does the long term case still stand? Continue reading


Worried about IVISYS


IVISYS is a share with a growing risk. The share was listed on NASDAQ First North in April 2015, and by now, the company have only reached a few of the planned milestones. At the IPO the price of a unit (=two shares and a warrant) was 14 SEK. In other word, I paid 7 SEK per share and received a free lottery ticket in form of a warrant. The warrants gave me right to buy one new share one year later at a price of 8.95 SEK. One year later is now, and between April 13th and April 27th, I can buy additional shares. Trouble is that at present the share price is well below 8.95 SEK, which makes it a very unattractive offer. Continue reading

Reports 2015

Reports, reports, reports


Four reports came the past week: IVISYS on Monday, AroCell on Tuesday, Nexam on Thursday, and A1M Pharma on Friday. None of the reports contained large surprises – and for three of them turnover was – as expected none or very close to no turnover. In my post prior to the report season I predicted that Nexam could be a winner after the report, if sales went up in Q4.

Judged by the share price, the market liked the report of A1M Pharma – and disliked the reports from IVISYS – and Nexam.

If I compare the share prices on the two Fridays 12th and 19th, the effects of the reports are visible. During the week, the OMXSPI (Broad Stockholm Index) went up 5.6 %. Compared to that A1M Pharma went up 9.4 % and came out as a winner. AroCell went 2.8 % up – up less than the market. Nexam went down 6.2 % after the report and IVISYS 8.5 %.

In my investments in growth shares, I operate with different position sizes: small positions on my ‘observation list’ – this is companies far away from the market. A1M Pharma is one, Cantargia another. In companies closer to market, I take larger positions. This year both Nexam and Heliospectra are companies were I plan to enlarge my position, since my judgement is that they will get a breakthrough on their markets during this year. Prior to the report, I bought more shares in Nexam, but on the short term, it was the wrong moment. A few words on the individual reports: Continue reading

Portfolio performance December

Portfolio performance in December


December was a green month – in more than one sense. The weather was warm and my lawn seemed to grow in both November and December, but more interesting the predominant colour in my portfolio performance for December is green.

In this post, I will evaluate the portfolio performance in December (and in 2015) and give a few comments of what to expect in 2016. The performance first. Continue reading

Short News

Short News week 51


I will begin this Short News by saying, that I am that this weekend the COP meeting in Paris ended with an agreement reducing the global warming. Investors in wind turbines, solar panels and other climate friendly technologies will have a significant driver in the coming years, as middle classes in India, China and Africa demands more goods and at the same time try to avoid the negative effects of climate change.

A number of companies in my portfolio do business in green tech: Recyctec, Photocat and to some extent Heliospectra. The most obvious winner, I imagine could be Photocat by combining their self-cleaner for windows, Shine ON, with the rapidly growing market for solar panels, reducing the loss of solar energy caused by dirt on the panels. Probably this is a path already under exploration.

This week I focus on three companies in my Short News: IVISYS, BrainCool and Photocat … in said order. Continue reading

Portfolio short news

Portfolio short news week 47


The past weeks have been good to my portfolio. In general shares have gone up, and some quite a lot. The short news this week will follow up on new developments in AroCell, IVISYS, Recyctec, Phase Holographic and a new company on this blog: A1M Pharma which came by as a surprise, even to me. Continue reading

Homo Nervousus

IVISYS made the day!


Friday was an amazing day at Nasdaq Nordic. Ah no, it really was not, large cap went down by app. 1%, but one share made the day: IVISYS. And how it made it! Going up more than 60%. Then suspended from trade and the CEO announcing that there are no reason for a 50 % rise in share price! I was happy selling all of my shares at 14.25, and half an hour later, the trade was suspended at 13.15. On Monday, the share will drop like a stone… and “I’ll be back” as Arnold Schwarzenegger says in Austrian-English in Terminator I.

What happened on Friday is one of the fascinating thing about being an investor in penny shares or growth shares. Continue reading

Portfolio performance October

Portfolio performance in October


October was a fine month. Autumn was at its best and a few mornings with white, frosty grass reminds me that winter will soon be over us with darkness and rain. Still it is mild, and leaves are still on the trees, both green, brown, and yellow. Even a modest storm or a night of frost, may rapidly change this.

Luckily, my portfolio performed better in October than in August and September. Some shares went even exceptionally well – Phase Holographic + 94 % – and others bled – Dignitana 24 % and Recyctec – 20 %. Continue reading