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News before Easter


The short week before Easter gave us news about A1 Pharma’s issue and CybAero’s troubles with the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) – both affecting share prices negatively. Both shares fell heavily and the share prices are in both cases close to 1 SEK…A1M’s price is 0.92 SEK and CybAero’s 1.29. Reduced to penny shares, in other words. Continue reading

Homo Nervousus

IVISYS made the day!


Friday was an amazing day at Nasdaq Nordic. Ah no, it really was not, large cap went down by app. 1%, but one share made the day: IVISYS. And how it made it! Going up more than 60%. Then suspended from trade and the CEO announcing that there are no reason for a 50 % rise in share price! I was happy selling all of my shares at 14.25, and half an hour later, the trade was suspended at 13.15. On Monday, the share will drop like a stone… and “I’ll be back” as Arnold Schwarzenegger says in Austrian-English in Terminator I.

What happened on Friday is one of the fascinating thing about being an investor in penny shares or growth shares. Continue reading


Penny shares, frimärksaktier, Kleinaktien


‘Penny shares’ or ‘penny stocks’ it the term for shares with a low price. Shares with a price below 1 GBP in the UK, 1€ in Germany, 5$ in the US and 5-10 DKK or SEK in Denmark and Sweden. In Danish and Swedish, the term is ‘stamp share’ (‘frimärksaktie’ in Swedish, ‘frimærkeaktie’ in Danish) referring to the similarity of price of sending a letter and the share price. In Germany, the term is ‘Kleinaktien’ – small share – refers, I guess, not as much to the physical size of the share, but the company behind. Continue reading