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Portfolio performance 2016

Portfolio performance during 2016


Last year did not have the same swung as the portfolio performance of 2015. On average, the portfolio lost 28 % – compared to a plus of 80 % in 2015. There are probably two reasons for this. One is the more moderate growth in share prices during 2016. The broad Stockholm index rose 6 %. The other reason is the very high number of issues among the shares in the portfolio. In general, issues put pressure on the price. Unless some very significant news follow shortly, it takes a long time for the price to recover. Continue reading

End of report season


It is the end of report season. Two months after New Year the report season goes towards the end. Companies listed on the different share markets must report within two months and for small companies with only a few employees the report often comes close to the last minute – in this case the last two weeks of February. Some companies choose to close their books on another date than New Year and of course, their reports turn up differently.

The only company in my growth share portfolio not following the calendar rhythm is Phase Holographic, who reports Q3 on March 30th.

A week ago, I posted an update on A1M Pharma, IVISYS, Nexam Chemical, and AroCell – and prior on Fortnox. This week it is Photocat, G5 Entertainment, Dignitana, Recyctec, CybAero, and Heliospectra. This week there is just one winner: Heliospectra. For Recyctec and CybAero Friday was blood red after the reports. Let’s take them one at a time: Continue reading

Another red week

…and it goes on. Another red week


This has been another red week at the share markets. After what happened in the first week of January, I hoped that this week somehow was ‘back to normal’. But no. And especially Friday was a depressing day. With two exceptions, all shares in my portfolio dropped more than 4 %. One, BrainCool, dropped 11 %. Basically just because everybody got nervous.

My conclusion in my update last week, was (a little surprisingly) that my portfolio proved very robust and fell less than market. This still goes. The OMXSPI (Stockholm broad index) is down 10.2 % since New Year compared to -7.6 % of the portfolio. The difference is app. the same 3.5 %-points, we saw last week. Continue reading

Portfolio performance December

Portfolio performance in December


December was a green month – in more than one sense. The weather was warm and my lawn seemed to grow in both November and December, but more interesting the predominant colour in my portfolio performance for December is green.

In this post, I will evaluate the portfolio performance in December (and in 2015) and give a few comments of what to expect in 2016. The performance first. Continue reading

Short News

Short News week 51


I will begin this Short News by saying, that I am that this weekend the COP meeting in Paris ended with an agreement reducing the global warming. Investors in wind turbines, solar panels and other climate friendly technologies will have a significant driver in the coming years, as middle classes in India, China and Africa demands more goods and at the same time try to avoid the negative effects of climate change.

A number of companies in my portfolio do business in green tech: Recyctec, Photocat and to some extent Heliospectra. The most obvious winner, I imagine could be Photocat by combining their self-cleaner for windows, Shine ON, with the rapidly growing market for solar panels, reducing the loss of solar energy caused by dirt on the panels. Probably this is a path already under exploration.

This week I focus on three companies in my Short News: IVISYS, BrainCool and Photocat … in said order. Continue reading

I might need the services of Sherlock Holmes

I might need the services of Sherlock Holmes


I might need the services of Sherlock Holmes, and I guess that Dr. Watson would record this peculiar case as: The mystery of the vanished Shares. Some of my shares seems simply to have vanish into thin air.

The shares in question are Photocat shares. As readers of this blog knows, I participated in the IPO of Photocat in October. The share is at First North Stockholm, and trading began more than two weeks ago on Friday November 20th. Unfortunately, and this is why I might need to acquire the services of Mr. Holmes, the shares are not yet in my possession after more than two weeks. Continue reading


Photocat at First North


Friday Photocat had its debut at First North, Stockholm. After the IPO in October, Friday 20th November was the first day of trading. The IPO in October did not raise all the money to finance the development as planned. In my latest post on the Photocat IPO and after I expressed doubts on the faith of my investments and foresaw cheap shares by Christmas. It was therefor with withheld breath and a pounding heart I followed the trade on First North on Friday. Judged by the performance, though, investors do not flee Photocat. The share ended at 31.7 SEK, which is 9.3 % up from the IPO price of 29 SEK. And for a while I am relieved because I still find there is a potential in the share! Continue reading

Portfolio performance October

Portfolio performance in October


October was a fine month. Autumn was at its best and a few mornings with white, frosty grass reminds me that winter will soon be over us with darkness and rain. Still it is mild, and leaves are still on the trees, both green, brown, and yellow. Even a modest storm or a night of frost, may rapidly change this.

Luckily, my portfolio performed better in October than in August and September. Some shares went even exceptionally well – Phase Holographic + 94 % – and others bled – Dignitana 24 % and Recyctec – 20 %. Continue reading

Photocat IPO

Photocat after the IPO


Danish environmental tech company Photocat is listing at First North in Stockholm in mid-November. The company announced this on Friday October 23. The intention was that the IPO would bring in 22.5 MSEK, but it only raised app. 6 MSEK. Despite this disappointing result were only app. ¼ of the planned shares are issued; the company lists despite this setback and has drawn up a revised plan for growth. The expectation in the memorandum was breakeven at the end 2016. This goal cannot be achieved. The CEO, Frank Humble, says in the press release “With the funds raised in the IPO together with the funds that the company raised through our private placement during the summer we have sufficient working capital resources until the end of 2016 (…)”. Continue reading

Short News

Portfolio news


The past two weeks I have been busy with a lot of different things – but not my share portfolio. I tend to monitor it closely, but a vacation in Germany without wifi followed by a week with a seminar leaving three days for five days of work – my share portfolio was not the first thing to check when I got home. Nevertheless there is a handful of portfolio news. Continue reading