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Up and down – portfolio volatility


The theme today is volatility. The reason is a discussion I had. The other day, I discussed shares with a friend and we compared list on our phones. On mine, BrainCool was up 4-5 %, AroCell down 6 % etc. Then he showed his list with large cap shares and the changes were 0.57 % and occasional 1.42 %. A change of 3 % is to him extraordinary while in my portfolio 3 % might be the difference from one trade to the next. Just reflecting the spread. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Towards the end of Q3 – portfolio overview


A portfolio overview here at the end of Q3 would be appropriate. It will indicate what to look for in the upcoming Q3 reports. The past months have been rather quiet and except for BrainCool, only minor news have occurred. Nevertheless the next months might give some answers. Continue reading

Portfolio performance March 2016

Portfolio performance March


March have been a month of extremes in the portfolio. Overall, the portfolio performance is up by 5% on average, but in one end, Fortnox went up 45% and Nexam 40 %, while on the other hand Dignitana went down 13.5 % and G5 Entertainment 11%. In all, the portfolio has not yet recovered from the onslaught in January and February and is still down 15 %, while the broad OMX-SPI is down 4.3 %. Continue reading

Portfolio performance February 2016

Portfolio performance February 2016


It seems as if February is the month, where I have to adjust to two-digit losses – calculated in percent. Overall, the portfolio performance of February is miserable. On average 10 % down, while OMXSPI is up 2 %. 5 out of 14 shares are two-digits down ranging from 15 to 34 %. Only two shares are up, Dignitana 3.7 % and Heliospectra 6.9 – the two of them is 36 % of my portfolio. Dignitana is by far my largest position, and this fact compensates me partly for the general downfall.

On a scale from ‘awful’ to ‘heavy loss’ comes Photocat (-34 %), Recyctec (-30 %), IVISYS (-24 %), Nexam Chemical (-18 %), and Cantargia (-16 %). Continue reading

Portfolio performance

Portfolio performance January 2016


During January, I have on two occasions dealt with the share price development. The month have been really volatile with huge shifts in share price changing one winner one week to a looser the next. During the first half of the month the portfolio performance was above average, but in the latter below.

In this month, one share has lost a third of its value, two shares a quarter of the value and one a fifth. On an equal weight basis, the portfolio is down 9.6 % – compared to the 7.1 % of the broad Stockholm index (SPI). Continue reading

Another red week

…and it goes on. Another red week


This has been another red week at the share markets. After what happened in the first week of January, I hoped that this week somehow was ‘back to normal’. But no. And especially Friday was a depressing day. With two exceptions, all shares in my portfolio dropped more than 4 %. One, BrainCool, dropped 11 %. Basically just because everybody got nervous.

My conclusion in my update last week, was (a little surprisingly) that my portfolio proved very robust and fell less than market. This still goes. The OMXSPI (Stockholm broad index) is down 10.2 % since New Year compared to -7.6 % of the portfolio. The difference is app. the same 3.5 %-points, we saw last week. Continue reading

Portfolio performance December

Portfolio performance in December


December was a green month – in more than one sense. The weather was warm and my lawn seemed to grow in both November and December, but more interesting the predominant colour in my portfolio performance for December is green.

In this post, I will evaluate the portfolio performance in December (and in 2015) and give a few comments of what to expect in 2016. The performance first. Continue reading

Portfolio performance October

Portfolio performance in October


October was a fine month. Autumn was at its best and a few mornings with white, frosty grass reminds me that winter will soon be over us with darkness and rain. Still it is mild, and leaves are still on the trees, both green, brown, and yellow. Even a modest storm or a night of frost, may rapidly change this.

Luckily, my portfolio performed better in October than in August and September. Some shares went even exceptionally well – Phase Holographic + 94 % – and others bled – Dignitana 24 % and Recyctec – 20 %. Continue reading

Portfolio performance in September


Except for shares, September was a fine month. My apples have ripened and the sun has been a frequent guest. Even on September 30, I sat in the garden enjoying the sun for half an hour after work. I hope that October with its bright red, yellow, and brown colours will prove equally beautiful. In addition, I hope shares will start to rise again as reports starts dripping in.

Portfolio performance in August was worse than September, or was it? In August 7 of my 12 shares fell – and 6 of the 7 with more than 10 %. In September 9 out of 12 fell – but they fell not as heavy as in August. Continue reading