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Fortnox report

Fortnox a silent winner


My best-performing share the past two years are by far Fortnox. At the same time, the Fortnox share does not attract much attention in forums and elsewhere investors discuss their investments. Probably because the news flow is low. There is a report, then three months later another. During these three months, the only thing that had happened is that Fortnox earns more money, acquire more customers and have a better marginal. That is why I think of Fortnox as a silent winner. Continue reading


Strong quarter for Hexatronic despite hard winter


The Q1 report from Hexatronic came out Friday last week. Traditionally Q1 is the weakest quarter. Furthermore, Easter was in Q1, which affects revenues negatively. And it has been a harsh winter. Nevertheless, Hexatronic came out with a 16 % growth and higher profits compared to Q1-17. I added a few more shares after the report. Continue reading

A turning point for CybAero?


The past week CybAero has started climbing out of the mud. The share is up 17 % this week. It seems that the arrangement with Brackenor might alter the air of crisis and doom hoovering around and over CybAero.

In the half-year report from the end of August, it struck me that yet another shift in strategy might be under way. About a year ago, the company announced that they wanted to enter a new business area; drone services. The analysis was, that the need for aerial inspection or surveillance was out there, but not to the extent that the customer would or could buy an unmanned system. On the other hand, they might buy the service if the supplier had the right equipment and the right competencies. Continue reading


Recyctec report with a question mark


On Friday the Q2 report came. It casts doubt if Recyctec has sufficient cash to break even. During the week, the new CEO even revised the prior target of profits for 2017 as a whole. Now the company expects one or two months with profits during Q4, but not necessarily Q4 as a whole. This raises one essential question: does the company have sufficient cash? Continue reading


Dignitana – full speed ahead


Dignitana always reports at the end of the season. In other words, the report I am most curious about, always comes last. Finally on Wednesday, May 24th it came. There is no doubt that 2017 will take the company to the test. After their FDA-approval, focus has been on cultivating the US market. If 2017 goes well, break-even lies ahead of us either in Q4 or in Q1 next year. Once a month the company announces new agreements with hospitals and clinics. Theses causes al lot of debate and guessing since they only tell names, but does not reveal neither the number of systems delivered nor any follow-up orders from existing customers. Therefor the report will give answers. Continue reading


CybAero – low expectations


The year-end report from came on Friday and marks the end of the report season. Contrary to the reports form the rest of the portfolio, CybAero immediately went up 21 %. Perhaps because expectations to CybAero are extremely low. The share price mirrors the expectations. By the end of 2015 the share price were 10.75 SEK, by the end of 2016 2.97, and on Friday – after + 21 % (!) – it is 1.86 SEK. Continue reading

Portfolio overview Q317

Dignitana after Q4


Thursday the 23th the year-end report came from Dignitana. The day before a few investors had positioned themselves and driven the share price up by about 9.6 %. At the end of Thursday, they had lost their money as the share went down 16.4 % after the report. I myself was surprised by the heavy fall: no one with a little knowledge of the company expected anything but loss. Continue reading

AroCell and Nexam reports

Non-events – reports from AroCell and Nexam Chemicals


Year-end reports from companies with no turnover seldom changes the share price. For AroCell and Nexam it did. For some reason the report from AroCell Thursday this week (16th), showing an expected but very limited turnover, made the share drop almost 5 %. Obvious some investors had hoped for more. Nexam fell 9.4 % after a report that showed almost no growth in turnover – but have regained some of it Friday. Personally, I hoped for a much higher turnover in Q4. Continue reading

BrainCool issue

Something went wrong – BrainCool report


On the 14th BrainCool made a press release concerning their year-end report of 2016. One hour later, Aktietorget suspended the trading, as it turned out that the numbers in the report did not add up. By then the share had lost 6 %. Trading was not resumed before next morning, after a revised version of the report was released. Since the report came out, the company has lost 14 % of its value. Continue reading